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D.S. Beck, founder of K9 Helm Corp, testing an early prototype with Moby in fall of 2016.

Inventor of the working dog helmet

Some say it has all been done. That's not true, but if you try to invent anything, you'll quickly learn most obvious things have been done. So if you do manage to be awarded a patent for something that, after the fact, seems obvious but also highly useful – you'll have copycats. And in the age of social media, copycats may try to smear your invention as illegitimate, to justify their lack of talent or imagination.

Fact is, I did invent dog helmets in 2015, eating pizza and playing with my friend's dog on vacation in Portland, OR. The first prototype was built out of the very pizza box from which we ate. Charlie the dog gave his approval. So I quit my creative job and went all in – spending my life's savings on my invention and founding K9 Helm Corp in 2018, working part time at Home Depot to make ends meet.

In January 2021, K9 Helm moved to Texas. It was here that Henry Ford's Innovation Nation caught up with me and interviewed me for their show, featured on CBS.

Click here to see the Innovation Nation segment on YouTube

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