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Trident TR-1 Gen2 Tactical Helm

Our Team

We think that for something to qualify as a dog helmet, it must address the specific needs of a canine's cranial anatomy. It must offer protection to vulnerable areas like the zygomatic arch, mandibular joint, and occipital region, as well as the eyes. At the same time, the design should allow full bite capability and ear articulation. And it should have a well engineered retention system that keeps the unit on the dog's head without hindering the ability to breathe or pant. By those standards, the original Trident (TR-1) was the first prototype of a working dog helmet in the world.

Now in its 2nd generation, the TR-1 has updated features including 1-piece side retention bows, left and right picatinny rails, and cutaway nose bridge for increased comfort. Shell made of 3D printed nylon and TPU. Approximate weight: 354g (0.78 pounds)

Click here to see the video blog by Ray Allen Manufacturing




Fits best on W3 & W4 width heads


• Nylon carrying tote

• Clear lens set with pouch

• Smoked lens set with pouch

• Picatinny rails: top and sides

• Spacer pad set

• Instruction sheet (EN)


Measure your dog — we'll choose the best fit.

All dogs measuring W4 with our sizing templates will benefit from our large setup, especially if the dog also has a neck size of 45 cm or larger. Since these canines usually measure S3 on the snout, we build the helmet with thinner goggle foam to make a roomier fit up front. Standard goggle foam is also included, in case your large dog has a narrow snout.


Standard Fit-Kit spacer pads

Smaller heads need more padding for a snug fit. The Trident helmet includes Velcro attached spacer pads that are easy to use. Match spacer pads with the same shape Velcro panels inside the helmet (shown here in orange). Narrow heads need spacers on the side. Some heads need front and rear spacers. Goggle frame spacers make things snug up front, where the face tapers into the snout.


Large Fit-Kit spacer pads

Large dogs have different needs for a proper fit. This kit includes the standard 6 mm goggle foam and spacers because large heads sometimes have a chiseled, narrow snout. A rear pad and 2 spacers are great for large heads that measure L2 or L1 with our templates. This is a very common situation with Dutch Shepherds.

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