Tactical Headgear for the Working Dog.

Our Trident M1 features a patented retention system that provides a stable platform for tactical electronics — enabling off-leash, remotely controlled reconnaissance. The product offers integrated safety eyewear as well as protection from minor bumps and abrasions. Helmet with lenses and picatinny rail weighs 354g (0.78 pounds).

Using new 3D printing technology that's 10 times faster and half the price of older methods, field-ready prototypes are now available to advanced level dog trainers and operators. Best of all, this model is supported by affordable, mass produced replacement lenses, straps, and interior parts.


Currently, there is one size outer shell. Standard foam padding is considered size large. The included Fit-Kit provides Velcro backed spacer pads that can be added to create a snug fit for smaller heads.

$599.95 USD

Fits most adult Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd and German Shepherd dogs weighing between 27-38 kg (60-85 lbs).