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CS-1 GoggleHelm

Our Team

Only fits average size Belgian Malinois and some Dutch and German Shepherd dogs. NOT FOR other types of dog!


The CS-1 GoggleHelm offers excellent flexibility and ventilation for military and police canines. Features include wrap-around eye protection, 6061 aluminum side mounting plates for detachable muzzles, a low-profile removable picatinny rail, and an internally routed Biothane collar for secure retention. Fits 38-47cm necks best and W3 to W4 head widths. Reference the sizing templates here.

For sales in the US and other markets:

Ray Allen Manufacturing

For sales in Europe and other markets:

Morin France

CS-1 Ear Covers
(sold separately)

The K9 Helm CS-1 Ear Covers feature a low profile design, soft rubber connector strap, and EVA foam padding that provides insulation from cold weather and will not absorb water. The streamlined covers add only 10mm of overall clearance to the helmet when installed — a huge benefit in the cramped spaces of an aircraft or vehicle.

Many special operations K9 handlers use custom, molded ear plugs because it's the best solution to protect the dogs' hearing. However, plugs can become dislodged and lost. The CS-1 Ear Covers help prevent this. (By themselves, the covers complete the helmet shell's coverage, but do not offer decibel reduction.)

Note: The CS-1 Ear Covers DO NOT fit any of K9 Helm's earlier Trident helmets.

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